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My City Me Social provides the perfect platform to get your business noticed. A PR machine to share all your business content in one place. Consumers can browse your profile and learn more about your business, products and services.


When you're looking for a business, professionals, services, or great deals you need more information about the services they offer. My City Me Social advertisers provides the consumer with information regarding the services offered. Browse and search the industry that you're looking for.

Advertisers can create a profile that promotes what they do on a professional level. Place all your web content in one place and personalize your profile in a style and brand that you want.

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Today's Business Topics

Senators Probing EpiPen Received Donations From Mylan

A political committee for Mylan has donated to most of the Senate committee that has asked the drugmaker to explain price increases.

Four Airlines Fined for Giving Bad Info to Travelers

The Department of Transportation fined four airlines for providing inaccurate information to passengers about how much compensation they were due.

Why It's OK to Let Your Kids Make a Few Money Mistakes

Allowing your kids to make mistakes is hard. But experts say mistakes are great teachers — maybe even better ones than parents.

Sports Updates

In 'Gladiator' parody, Rich Rod asks: Are you not entertained?

In 'Gladiator' parody, Rich Rod asks: Are you not entertained?

Reed eyes trifecta at Barclays

Reed eyes trifecta at Barclays

$18K fine for Lions DT more than preseason pay

$18K fine for Lions DT more than preseason pay

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